About Simple Invoice

Simple Invoice is a passion project created by myself, Chris Stiles. I've worked as a freelance web designer for years. I'm always expanding my skillset and have found that building something yourself is the best way to learn.

I started building Simple Invoice to help myself learn Ruby on Rails, a popular web application development framework. After taking several courses, I decided that the next step in my learning should be to jump in head first and develop an application from scratch.

Invoicing clients to me was always a tedious, but necessary, practice. Manually creating PDFs for each client became a hassel to track. The different software programs I tried were—for the most part—expensive and offered more features than I needed.

What I wanted was an application that just did the basics freelancers need, and did it well. This is why invoicing software was the perfect application for me to develop.

I built this website from the ground up considering how I, as a freelancer, would like to invoice clients. The end result is a simple to use, powerful invoicing application you can access anywhere from any device.

If you have any questions, bug reports, suggestions or feature requests, please reach out.

I sincerely hope my hard work has paid off and you find Simple Invoice useful,
Chris Stiles